3 case studies for ITSM high-achievers

by Patrice Burnside, on 13-Nov-2017 13:54:00

Looking for opportunities to increase your IT maturity? It's a long-term process, no doubt. But there are plenty of incremental steps you can take to progress your organizational goals.

 To start with, have you maximized the benefits of self-service? Explore the difference self-service can make, based on three case studies featuring real-life IT champions.



Following the roll out of self-service functionality, customer satisfaction increased to more than 82% at Xentrall Shared Services. Email contacts fell by 98%.

 How to reduce ICT email contact to 1% or less

Perhaps you’ll relate to the challenge faced by Xentrall Shared Services: reduce budget despite rising demand. What to do? A self-service solution helped Xentrall cut ICT email contact to 0.8 percent. Costs lowered. Customer satisfaction soared.

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 Service Desk calls fell by 30% when Home Properties introduced self-service. Customer satisfaction rose.

 Annual IT savings exceed $40,000

Home Properties achieves more than $40,000 in annual IT savings, thanks to self-service. Calls to the Service Desk have fallen 30 percent. Want to model this success?

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  Service Desk call volumes fell as efficiency enjoyed significant uplift at the the University of Canterbury, thanks to self-service functionality.

 Service Desk calls fall by 50%

The University of Canterbury optimizes Library and Campus services with self-service. The Service Desk now gets 50 percent fewer calls. Could you do the same?

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Want to explore more use cases from the world of ITSM? Read more ITSM case studies here. Discover the big picture cost-savings and organizational efficiencies you can achieve today.

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