4 podcasts + PDFs to help improve your ITSM strategy

by Patrice Burnside, on 02-Nov-2017 14:48:00

If there's one thing everyone in the service management community has in common, it's how incredibly busy we are, day in, day out. On the one hand, we are fortunate to enjoy a virtually endless amount of opportunity to optimize business processes. But we always do so with finite resources, including time.

 For this reason, we've produced some easy-to-digest ITSM podcasts to keep you whistling while you work, travel, exercise, etc. Yes, it's all about the multitasking!

 Each of the podcasts is less than six minutes long. It features the key highlights from a related whitepaper, which you can also download.

 Enjoy the podcasts + PDFs

 Podcast 1: Five bad habits that kill IT innovation and how to avoid them

Whatever shape or form an innovation takes, there will always be barriers and landmines – issues that you will need to face in order to turn a new concept of idea into a tangible and sustained benefit. In this how-to guide we look at the 5 bad habits in IT (and to an extent, the business) that prevent companies from turning great ideas into real innovations.

 Podcast 2: Building a business case for IT investment

The goal of a business case is to get the support you need (budget and commitment) to turn an idea into reality; thus, it is an essential part of the overarching innovation process. But in today’s tough economic climate, getting budget for IT projects can be a real challenge. The business case is the stage at which most new innovations are likely to stumble. Learn how to build a strong IT business case today.

 Podcast 3: Improving ITSM by leveraging user feedback

IT leaders actively capture, analyze and action feedback from business users to use as a strategic resource for improving the service delivered by IT and use it as the catalyst for innovation. In this how-to guide, we look at how you can build a Voice-of-the-User (VoU) program to engage with the end user community, align services with user expectations and drive innovation to meet continually changing business demands.

 Podcast 4: Key questions you need to ask to improve service delivery

Building a roadmap to higher IT maturity means gathering information and making a series of difficult choices. Asking the right questions will help you gather that information you need to make sound strategic planning decisions. The result is a workable IT maturity improvement roadmap that will deliver a more capable, agile and cost-effective IT department. Asking the right questions is the key to success.

 Enjoy the podcasts + PDFs


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