5 actions you should take today to improve IT customer feedback

by Stephen Brunsdon, on 17-Nov-2017 13:32:00

Service delivery should be seamless, right? But things don’t always work that way. For this reason, we need to talk about customer feedback — and why the industry often fails to get it right. Perhaps more importantly, however, we need to talk about how you can ace this aspect of service delivery, first time.
Our conversation about mastering the art and science of customer feedback must be embedded within the lifecycle processes, because customer feedback threads each stage. 
IT will seek to maintain operational stability, deliver business value and gather the necessary data to enable Continuous Service Improvement (CSI). You’ll undertake event management, incident management and request fulfilment, to name a few key processes. 
CSI unifies each stage of service delivery. If you want to learn from insights that can improve services and processes, you must actively gather vital metrics and measurements that drive improvements for end users and the wider business.
That brings us to the big question: what are the best ways to gather, measure and act upon customer feedback?
Read on to discover five steps you must take to deliver a better customer feedback process, starting today.

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