5-step guide to greater ROI and Service Catalog usability

by Stephen Brunsdon, on 15-Nov-2017 13:51:00

Designing or redesigning a Service Catalog?

 Prioritize the user experience, and you’re more likely to achieve higher adoption rates and greater ROI from self-service.

 Follow our five-step guide to creating a more intuitive, user-focused Service Catalog.

 We'll reveal how to:

  1. Connect with ambassadors
  2. Conduct a content analysis
  3. Simplify service descriptions
  4. Think practically, design simply
  5. Reveal IT's value to the business

Download the guide to increasing self-service ROI now.

 Make your Service catalog user-centric

 For optimal uptake, your Service Catalog should resemble the online shopping experiences that users enjoy outside of work.

 When users can check the status of their requests via the catalog, the number of inbound Service Desk requests is likely to diminish, allowing IT to focus on other value-adding projects for the business.

 Fundamentally, a service or asset should be easily discovered by anyone in any department. This means using the language of the business, and understanding how colleagues from different departments are likely to categorize requests. The design should match this as closely as possible.

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