by Markos Symeonides, on 14-Dec-2020 13:51:50

Find out which ITSM topics were most popular with your peers. It's no surprise that ITIL 4 dominates the hit list for 2020. 🕙 3m What are the Four Dimensions …

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by Markos Symeonides, on 09-Dec-2020 14:00:00

Part of our AITSM series. 🕙 3m What is AITSM? Initially, AITSM as an industry term appeared to represent the use of AI in ITSM—with both AI and ITSM sharing …

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Topics:ITSMService DeskAutomationToolsITSM PlatformOnboardingAITSM

by Markos Symeonides, on 07-Dec-2020 14:00:00

5 steps to delivering a great on-boarding experience, made simple with modern service management technology 🕙 5m Employee Onboarding is a Key Part of the Overall Employee Experience 45% of …

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