What is ESM? Are corporate services the biggest blind spot in your organization?

by Martin Stewart, on 14-Jun-2019 09:33:00

Everything that happens in your business is managed, right? The way you handle customers so that they have a great experience and come back again.

Successful ESM adoption

The way you use supply chain processes to deliver what customers need. The way you manage change and innovation through a portfolio of programs and projects. These elements of business are architected, measured, and optimized. The way you operate and innovate is managed.

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But what about the work that happens behind the scenes? What about the internal corporate services that don’t directly support your customer-facing business processes, but are essential to the operations of your organization? What about HR, Facilities Management, and Finance? Most of what they do is for internal customers.

The HR team provides recruitment services to managers, and personnel services to employees. The Facilities Management team provide workspaces and supporting services to create a healthy, productive workplace. Each department has a set of inward-facing capabilities — the things they do for the organization that define each department in the eyes of the employee.

Enterprise Service Management for HR

Where are these capabilities defined? Usually, nowhere. The shape of a corporate department can be fuzzy, at least from the perspective of an employee from another department.

When you walk into a restaurant, the first thing you look for is a menu. Wouldn’t it be better if the service experience was that simple inside your business, if the services on offer were set out clearly? Wouldn’t it also be better if corporate service providers and service consumers had a clear idea of expectations? And wouldn’t it be better still if all this information lived in one place, so that when employees needed help they could get it fast?

IT Service Desk

If you have a problem with your desktop PC, or an app, or about anything technical, you can call the IT service desk. But what if you, or one of your employees, has an issue with their payroll, or a broken air-con unit, or their security card? Do they know where to get help? And are their requests processed quickly?

A key question is: How many help desks do you have, do you know where they are and what they do? More importantly, is it a fragmented corporate service ecosystem in your organization?

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