Choosing the right words for service management

by Patrice Burnside, on 28-Oct-2017 15:10:00

Choosing the right words for service management.jpgLooking to introduce Enterprise Service Management (ESM) to the masses? Better be sure your first words aren't misinterpreted as 'blah, blah, blah'...

 Of course, communication is as much about context as it is word choice. The manner in which it is delivered can make or break your dreams of helping usher the workplace into a more efficient environment for doing business. 

 We thank service management experts Stephen Mann and Rebecca Beach for offering their insights on how you can effectively communicate the opportunity for better service management. It's the second part of a series we're running on the human side of service management. 

 If you've been following the series, you may have seen Rebecca and Stephen's first bulletin, which focused on a related subject: the importance of looking after relationships in the quest for better service management. Go on, have a quick read if you've not already done so. It's got great tips for looking after stakeholders and all project participants.

 Next week we'll take a look at how you can help build organizational trust in ESM.
Meanwhile, be one of the first to download some must-read, down-to-earth advice on thinking through your communication strategy for better service management.  

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