Enterprise Service Management for HR – A Practical Use Case

by Stephen Brunsdon, on 06-Apr-2019 17:00:00

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The transformational benefits of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) extend well beyond IT itself, delivering tangible improvements in the way departments such as Facilities, Finance and Human Resources (HR) operate day-to-day.

In this blog, we ask our HR department about how assyst is used internally and why teams everywhere can benefit from a centralized tool to boost overall efficiencies.

Q: How does the Axios Systems HR department use assyst and its ESM functionalities internally?

A: “There are two main ways we use assyst. The first is adding new starters into our system, so when we hire someone, sometimes there’s a quick turnaround between when the offer is made and when they start, it can be quite tight. So it’s really important that we get this information into the system quickly. From then on, there is a lot of collaboration between us and various other departments to ensure the new staff member is able to start straight away. We have to liaise with Facilities to arrange an entry card for the main door and to set up their desk, and IT to configure their laptop and give them access to email. assyst ensures these conversations and actions are seamless, which is a huge time saver for us and it’s a big plus for employee experience.

“And then it’s a very similar thing for leavers. It’s important that remove them from our internal system. We need to raise a ticket to notify the business that this person has left, start the process to start to shut down systems access, and close them off in payroll.”

Q: What would be the alternative process if you didn’t have access to a tool such as assyst?

A: “The alternative is a very manual method, for instance filling in a sort of paper-based form in Word or Excel, and then emailing round a group of stakeholders. But you open yourself up to human error. The fact that the workflows and notifications are built into assyst means you’re not going to miss any part of the process. The tool makes sure the right information reaches the right people, which in turn makes it easier to fulfil the request in the desired time.

“It also serves as a real cost saver for the company as well. We’ve made estimates internally and believe that a tool like assyst could save hours of lost productivity.  In our own organisation, just by automating the process of managing annual leave and absences, we have gained nearly a whole extra person in productivity! If you think about ESM being adopted business-wide and across various processes, the financial benefits are quite clear.”

Q: Are there other examples of day-to-day use of the ESM tool?

A: “We use it for recruitment as well. It’s not a full applicant tracking system (ATS), but on the back-end when we receive candidate applications or CVs, we attach them to a candidate profile that we set up in assyst. Every potential candidate has their own record which contains all of their details, which would be their CV, their application, and if they are invited to start interviewing, we would have their interview assessment forms and then each interviewer’s feedback and details of conversations.

“That’s not something that the applicants themselves can see, whereas with a full ATS, you would have both sides of the portal. But from an administrative perspective for our talent acquisition team, it’s a really important tool. One of the big plusses is that the candidate files are accessible by the full HR team and the hiring manager, so if the hiring manager wanted to check something, they could log into assyst, type in the candidate’s name and find all of the paperwork associated with the candidate.

Q: How much has using assyst changed the way you conduct your own business in HR?

A: “We are able to save a lot of time in everyday operations, but also the cost of that time. Let’s think about an offer to a candidate as a really good example: if we were putting that into a paper-based form or even an Excel file, you are either having to go and find the manager who needs to sign that off or relying on them seeing, and replying to an email. We’re not all in the same place or time zone, particularly Axios Systems itself, it’s a global organisation so the person that you need to get approval from is not necessarily always in the next room.

"So having a system like assyst online, it’s easily accessible, it doesn’t need to consider time zone and geographies and people physically being there with you. It saves a huge amount of time. That’s what makes assyst easy to use: making sure the employee feels at ease with the processes and reducing the amount of time per task is a hallmark of its efficiency.

“Managers have historically always relied on HR to really hold their hands with a lot of these processes. We HR professionals are now starting to empower teams and show them that they are able to do a lot of these processes themselves and the tool will allow them to do that. This then frees up a lot of HR/Manager/Business Manager’s time to focus on strategic HR issues and allows us to move away from being in a more heavily administrative and operational type of role.”

Q: Are there different pain-points from other HR professionals that you have spoken with that an ESM tool would resolve?

A: “I think the traditional pain-points of time and money remain, but there’s also the added difficulty of having to do more with less. There’s been a massive shift in the last five to 10 years and HR departments have been shrinking as employee populations continue to grow. HR is expected to provide the same service to more people with less resources, so using assyst is can save a huge amount of time. Managers have historically always relied on HR to really hold their hands with a lot of these processes. Now they’re able to a lot of these processes themselves with the tool.”



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