Enterprise Service Management - The C-Level Perspective

by Dr Nigel Martin, on 07-Oct-2017 16:16:00

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This week we take a look at Enterprise Service Management (ESM) from the C-Level perspective.

 In the last few years, the desire to leverage service management principles and practices has spread outwards from IT to encompass other service domains in the business. When buying IT Service Management solutions, many customers are now looking to extend the value they gain from the technology by developing service management capabilities “outside IT”; most commonly in back-office functions like HR, Facilities Management, Administration and Finance.

 As the value of service management principles and practices is now been proven in these areas, there is a growing desire to achieve greater efficiencies and greater economies of scale by applying a more strategic, enterprise-wide approach to service management.

 ESM is about taking the expertise, practices and tools that IT has and applying them to other service domains to create a broader architecture for service management across the organization (e.g. IT Service Management, without the “IT”).

 Like many other enterprise-wide strategies, technology is a key enabler. Service management software tools are now mature and flexible enough to make the Enterprise Service Management model practical and achievable.

 What does the technology look like?


  • A digital portal that enables easy access to all business-facing services provided by all service domains. This is the interface.
  • A process management engine to drive process automation, SLA management and escalation structures. This is the guts of the technology, responsible for managing/automating the execution of inbound service requests.
  • Performance monitoring and reporting to drive continual improvement. Nothing is ever right first time. Each service domain needs the ability to monitor performance with a view to driving continual improvement, supported by the expertise of the IT department.

 Effectively, an Enterprise Service Management portal is a service which IT can deliver for the business, with the support of each of the individual service domains.


It is wrong to say that all business departments are “green-field sites” when it comes to efficient process management.

 Some internal business processes will already be supported by existing tools. Where this is the case, the under-the-hood workings of the internal service are already in place, and the task for IT is simply to integrate the management of requests into the Enterprise Service Management portal.

 This will require some technical integration to connect the ESM portal (the front end) and the software that currently handles the execution of the process (the back end).

 You can read more about Enterprise Service Management in this whitepaper:

 Download the whitepaper 



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