Enterprise Service Management - The End User Perspective

by Dr Nigel Martin, on 03-Oct-2017 16:41:00

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This week we continue the theme of Enterprise Service Management, focusing on the end user perspective.

 To understand one of the main benefits of Enterprise Service Management it is important to understand one key concept: the end user community of IT is also the end user community for HR, Facilities Management, Administration, Finance and any other internal service provider. Everybody in your organization is part of this collective end user community. These are the customers of ESM.

 The common need, running across all end users in all business functions is this: They want easy access to the services, tools and information they need to do their jobs better. They may consume different services, depending on their role, but there is a clear need to make the access and consumption of business-facing services as easy as possible.

 Customer-facing business functions have a number of different interfaces with the outside world (ecommerce websites, mobile apps, email, the call center, supplier portals, etc.) - all designed for optimized interaction with customers and other third parties. But how do business-facing functions interact with each other? There is no standard interface for internal business functions to work together. External customers get a glossy “store front”, but where is the glossy store front for customers that are internal to the business? Many organizations have people dedicated to improving the business customer experience, but there are few people thinking about the internal end user experience.

 For the end user, Enterprise Service Management is about having a one-stop shop for all of the enterprise services they need to do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible. With an ESM portal, each individual employee has complete visibility of the internal support services and information sources that are available to assist them.

 Large organizations often have multiple internal call-centers or hot-lines. They are fighting the same war on many fronts. In the ESM architecture, a digital enterprise services portal is complemented by a manned enterprise service desk. This shared service desk is a single point of contact representing all of the internal service domains, covering the full catalog of enterprise services, and capable of handling or routing issues.

 For the end user community this is the ultimate in simplicity and consistency. One portal with one interface and one set of login details, accessible via the web and mobile, complemented by one shared service desk with one phone number for when they really need to speak to a human being.

 You can read more about Enterprise Service Management in this whitepaper:

 Download the whitepaper 


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