Fixing your CMDB to reconnect IT with the business

by Patrice Burnside, on 31-Oct-2017 14:58:00

However pleased or displeased you may be with your CMDB, here’s what you can’t ignore: The business needs to be able to inform IT of long-term plans, including requirements for expansion or new technologies. 

 For this to be possible, you must be able to produce contextualized, relevant reporting insights. And in order to be able to deliver on this fundamental obligation, your CMDB must be designed and populated to reflect the appropriate business requirements. If, from the start, you don’t get this piece right, you will inevitably have to start again.

 Without a well-managed CMDB, the rest of your service management strategy will fall short of departmental expectations, disappointing business stakeholders. For this reason, we asked senior managing consultant Brian Kerr to offer his advice on how you can improve and maintain a CMDB

 Brian's whitepaper reveals the top five questions and answers about planning a CMDB, from handling federated data sources, to defining a configuration item (CI). He also offers a three-point plan for avoiding CMDB failure and provides a series of handy checklists for CMDB requirements. 

 As a sneak preview, here are the five principles you should follow at each step of your CMDB journey:

  1. Define clear objectives – plan for an iterative approach
  2. Define the team, including owner and contributors
  3. Identify data sources and data automation
  4. Define metrics and plan for continuous improvement
  5. Implement and repeat!

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