How-to guide: building a shared-services model

by Patrice Burnside, on 07-Nov-2017 14:37:00

Better analytics and automation can empower your IT department to tackle issues that have potentially existed for decades. But that doesn’t detract from the sheer complexity of creating a shared-services model, also known as a Consolidated Service Desk (CSD).

 Yet, a CSD is achievable — and you can discover how in our latest whitepaper.

 Learn how to design a world-class Consolidated Service Desk

  Using first-hand experience from the field, senior consultant Brian Kerr reveals how to transform your service delivery.

 Brian also shares a range of associated best practices that can help you get more from knowledge-sharing, self-service functionality and service management beyond IT.

 Supported by the capability to handle internal and external integrations, your CSD can become the ultimate hub for managing desktops, networks, systems, applications and legacy issues.

 Check out the paper for ideas on how to reduce the total cost of ownership of IT services, enhance customer satisfaction and more. 

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