How to improve the IT customer experience

by Martin Stewart, on 14-Nov-2017 13:53:00

A legacy technology-oriented mindset still prevails in many IT departments.

 Ultimately, however, IT must understand emerging end user contexts and expectations – defined by work pressures and heavily influenced by the experiences end users have in their consumer lives.

 Delivering world-class customer experience (CX) is the No. 1 priority for business and technology leaders, according to Forrester's Business Technographics® Global Priorities And Journey Survey. 

 But Bain and Co. report that only 8% of customers believe they receive superior customer experiences. 

 What does this mean for IT, and what can you do to improve the situation?

 Our latest whitepaper reveals:

  • Why CX tops the executive agenda
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 Discover how to improve the IT customer experience

As technology becomes an increasingly vital part of the end customer experience, corporate IT is becoming less involved in creating that experience.

 The IT department’s inability to provide a high quality experience for end users within the organization means business leaders are unlikely to trust IT with building and managing the end customer experience – pushing an increasing portion of total technology spend into the hands of the Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Digital Officer and Chief Customer Officer.

 In the face of strong external competition, the corporate IT department needs to consider the quality of its own customer experience. End user expectations are rapidly evolving, driven by their experiences in the consumer-world. These accelerated expectations put increased pressure on IT to deliver a comparable quality of experience – and fast.

 The challenge for IT is to remain relevant in an environment where IT is competing with an increasingly strong and agile open market, where powerful consumer devices and cloud-based services present very viable alternatives to what corporate IT provides.

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