ITSM Insight: Key facts driving market change

by Stephen Brunsdon, on 21-Nov-2017 13:16:00

One of the most important constants of the ITSM market is evolution. As a heavily dynamic industry, IT relies on forecasts, trends and research statistics to ensure customer requirements are met.

Because the market moves so quickly from one month to the next, it can often be difficult to keep up with this evolution.

This is where Axios come in: in our latest animated video, we have collated the most important facts and figures from the ITSM industry to help make sense of what is trending right now.

Businesses need clear vision and much of this comes from analyzing what the market is doing. This way, organizations can better react to changing industry demands and deliver a product which matches the needs of their customers.

This video breaks down some of the most important questions businesses are asking: IT maturity levels, spending and growth predictions, CIO business priorities, and what we learn from last year’s shortcomings.

Enjoy our latest ITSM Facts video





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