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ITSM Whitepapers: overcoming ITSM headaches in 2017

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 02 December 2017

Our collection of informative whitepapers provide clarity on the ways you can combat some of the leading ITSM challenges facing the industry this year. In following these practices, organizations can better deliver service excellence while aligning...

Incorporating SIAM to improve your Supply Chain Management

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 01 December 2017

How can your organization revolutionize the way it delivers a service to your customers? Reactionary processes are yesterday’s news. Today, it is all about streamlining the supply chain and building IT for IT through Service Integration and...

What is SIAM and what can it do for your IT organization?

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 30 November 2017

Increasing service expectations, automation, budget, business alignment and efficiency: how can your IT organization consolidate these leading ITSM trends into a single end-to-end service management service this year?


More importantly, the...

Categories: Whitepapers, SIAM, ITAM, ESM

Is 2017 the time for service unification?

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 29 November 2017

After almost 30 years of evolution in service management we appear at last to be on the precipice of revolution.

Categories: Trends, ITIL, Insights

7 in ’17: the key ITSM goals and challenges this year

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 28 November 2017

ITSM trends for 2017 are seemingly endless: CMDB, Software Asset Management (SAM), Service Catalog, automation, knowledge management, customer satisfaction, metrics and SIAM are all on the rise. But which of the “7 in ‘17” should your...

Best of ITSM: the 9 most popular topics of 2016

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 27 November 2017

2016 may be winding down for many, but the ITSM industry never stops evolving. With a New Year of continued innovation and development just around the corner, now is the perfect time to reflect on the best resources from the past 12 months from...

Axios CTO Chris Ryding to present importance of ESM at ITSMF16 conference

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 26 November 2017

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is far from new, but the need for its implementation in organizations now is greater than ever.

Categories: ITSMF, ESM, Insights

What are you doing to enhance the IT service experience?

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 25 November 2017

Understanding the needs of your customers is part and parcel of making an organization successful. Identifying what customers need and why they need it is key to delivering good IT service experience. But do you know how they want to utilize...

Is your IT business case doomed to fail?

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 24 November 2017

It may come as a surprise to you that despite global IT spending lying at a staggering $3.4 trillion USD, more than half of projects across organizations fail1. Building an effective IT business case can align a project with the actual business...

Gold sponsor Axios Systems to present at annual IT in the Park event

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 23 November 2017

What are the 7 key attributes that high performing organizations share? Learn what they are and how to incorporate them into your own programme as IT in the Park returns to Edinburgh.

Categories: Self-Service, Event, Insights

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