Proud to be a leading exporter of digital technologies

by Patrice Burnside, on 24-Oct-2017 15:25:00

Scotland might be known worldwide for our haggis and tartan, but there’s another tremendous export that Axios are proud to be pioneers in: digital technologies. — Scotland’s award-winning current affairs magazine — have identified Axios as a homegrown leader in the export of digital technologies.

 Polly Purvis, chief executive of ScotlandIS (trade body for the information and communications technology industry), authored the article. It examines the need to start measuring the industry's annual results related to global exports.

 In the article, Polly writes: “It would be all too easy for the digital technologies industry to help client businesses export without itself ‘walking the walk’. So it’s hugely encouraging to see the year-on-year increase in export income the industry is generating.”

 Axios is named as a business which has always seen its market as global and is “building increasing export revenues”.

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