Service Management – In It for the Long-haul

by Martin Stewart, on 15-Aug-2017 10:04:00

Often enterprises make major IT purchases with the hope that the new purchase will be the “magic bullet” to fix all of their IT woes.  Unfortunately, the reality is not so simple, especially when dealing with IT service management.  Major enterprise IT purchases should be thought of as long-term investments that are carefully planned for and thought through, taking into consideration the many facets of the organization. We recently worked with Karen Ferris, Director of Macanta Consulting for a whitepaper titled, “Service Management Tool Selection” and she likened service management purchases to that of buying a house.  The analogy, in our minds, is very appropriate. For example, Karen noted that you would not buy a house or pick a place to live because someone simply told you they had a great experience – you’d do your homework first.  You’d figure out what you wanted in a home, what you could afford, who would live there and many other factors.  After careful consideration (factoring in future plans), a thorough search and a home inspection by professionals, you’d make the purchase.  Why should your technology purchases be any different? Think about it and think about the steps involved:

  • Determine requirements – What are you trying to achieve?  Are there integrations?  What ITIL processes are involved? (How many bedrooms?  Do you want a backyard?)
  • Who needs it – Who are the stake holders and what is their level of involvement? (Would you buy a house without involving your significant other?)
  • What can you afford? – Don’t look above your price range.
  • Need versus want? - What sacrifices are you willing to make to get what you want?
  • Location – SaaS or on-premise (city or suburbs?)
  • Room for growth – Will your ITSM system be agile enough to support your needs in 5-10 years?
  • Credentials/References – Financial stability, customer references, analyst references
  • Customizations – Are we talking cosmetic changes or the structural integrity?
  • Test drive – a small upfront cost can save bigger long-term headaches

 Service Management is not a short-term investment and should not be turned over every two years.  That is a waste of time, money and resources for your organization.  By taking a more thoughtful approach, you’re guaranteeing yourself a smooth purchasing process and an end-result that will last long into the future in the form of process efficiency, effectiveness, ITIL compliance and overall business benefit. To read the 'Why Choosing an ITSM tool is Like Buying a House' whitepaper in full, click HERE

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