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by Stephen Brunsdon, on 20-Nov-2017 13:19:00

World-class customer experience is critical to any business. Meet the customers’ demands and you are likely to retain them. Fail to do so and you may lose them to competitors.

It goes without saying that customer experience is a priority with business leaders. Research from Forrester revealed that 97% of executives believed it to be paramount to business success. 80% of CEOs think they deliver good customer experience but, tellingly, only 8% of customers actually agree.

So how do you create an effective end user experience and how easy is it to implement? These questions are explored in detail in three dedicated podcast episodes and set out six key steps to ensure your organization prioritizes the end user experience.

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The recommendations to enhance customer experience are split into six topic areas: Strategy, Customer understanding, Design, Measurement, Governance and Culture. All of these aim to establish unambiguous objectives, policies, strategic approaches and processes, which put the customer at the heart of product development and service delivery.


Discover how to improve the IT customer experience  

It is necessary for IT to understand emerging end user contexts and expectations – defined by work pressures and heavily influenced by the experiences end users have in their consumer lives – in order to provide an experience that meets expectation.

Why is superior customer experience so important for IT? Increased service adoption, use of automation and a spike in IT’s introduction of service innovation are just some of the benefits, but the real advantage is ensuring customers remain loyal to your organization.

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