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Trend 2: Secure your IT Services with ITOM basics

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 26 March 2018

In our previous blog post, Integrating ITSM and ITOM, we discussed the importance of integrating IT Service Management and IT Operations Management in unlocking greater visibility, increased productivity and reduced costs within your organization.

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Achieve workstation compliance with 99% reduction in effort via assyst

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 08 December 2017

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The importance of being able to effectively manage compliance within a large organization isn’t lost on the vast majority of the ITSM industry. But is achieving this easier said than done?

Protect your IT systems from cyber-crime by adopting an integrated ITSM-ITAM solution

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 07 December 2017

It’s hard to ignore the plight of modern-day IT, particularly among large global organizations. The surge in security breaches, license infringements and malware affecting businesses has been well-documented in the press, but how much can you do to...

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ITSM Insight: Key facts driving market change

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 21 November 2017

One of the most important constants of the ITSM market is evolution. As a heavily dynamic industry, IT relies on forecasts, trends and research statistics to ensure customer requirements are met.

Because the market moves so quickly from one month...

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Replacing your current ITSM solution? Part 1 – Drivers for replacements

Author: Markos Symeonides
Published: 10 September 2017

Research from Forrester indicates that 2 out of 3 business users are unhappy with what they get from IT, and 1 in 3 IT people are unhappy with their ITSM solution. Coincidence? Or is the wrong ITSM solution half the problem? Running IT services...

Service Catalog is Key to Better IT

Author: Markos Symeonides
Published: 29 August 2017

John Weathington, President of Excellent Management Systems, recently posted a blog entitled IT service catalog best practices: Is not having one key to better IT? In it, he discusses the premise that implementing a Service Catalog alters the...

Is IT in the “Always Behind Business?”

Author: Markos Symeonides
Published: 23 August 2017

Are IT departments in the “always-behind business?” In Thornton May’s latest article in Computerworld, he reports that most CIOs he comes across feel this way, and are under enormous pressure to do more with less. These CIOs feel they just can’t...

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assyst10 Brings Social IT Management to the Enterprise!

Author: Markos Symeonides
Published: 16 August 2017

As social media becomes more engrained into the everyday life of the consumer, it is also becoming more pervasive within the enterprise as a means to capture pertinent data that aligns IT services to business outcomes.  That is why Axios Systems...

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