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Is 2017 the time for service unification?

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 29 November 2017

After almost 30 years of evolution in service management we appear at last to be on the precipice of revolution.

Categories: Insights, Trends, ITIL

Driving IT effectiveness and satisfaction: 4 case studies

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 16 November 2017

Tired of low response times and resolution rates, poor communication and service interruptions? There’s no need to get too worked up over it. While it is true that these aspects can be frustrating to an organization, inspiration can be found via...

ITSM Whitepaper: ITIL® v3 Chief Architect explains Service Catalog Implementation

Author: Dr Nigel Martin
Published: 19 October 2017
It’s a fact that the quality of the Service Catalog can greatly affect the business’s 

RBS: Avoidable IT Issues and the Ripple Effect

Author: Brian Kerr
Published: 21 August 2017

We’ve all heard by now the issues Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is experiencing due to the malfunction of one of its payment programs during an upgrade and its effects on more than 17 million business and personal accounts. The good news is, the...

Categories: Insights, ITSM, ITIL

Service Management – In It for the Long-haul

Author: Martin Stewart
Published: 15 August 2017

Often enterprises make major IT purchases with the hope that the new purchase will be the “magic bullet” to fix all of their IT woes.  Unfortunately, the reality is not so simple, especially when dealing with IT service management.  Major enterprise...

Categories: Whitepaper, ITSM, ITIL

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