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Trend 2: Secure your IT Services with ITOM basics

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 26 March 2018

In our previous blog post, Integrating ITSM and ITOM, we discussed the importance of integrating IT Service Management and IT Operations Management in unlocking greater visibility, increased productivity and reduced costs within your organization.

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Trend 1: Integrating ITSM and ITOM

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 26 March 2018

The increased importance of “go-faster” mentality in IT Operations means that teams need to adapt to new ways of working whilst keeping an eye on operations and assets.

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Achieve workstation compliance with 99% reduction in effort via assyst

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 08 December 2017

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The importance of being able to effectively manage compliance within a large organization isn’t lost on the vast majority of the ITSM industry. But is achieving this easier said than done?

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