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How to generate 57% efficiencies in Service Delivery with SIAM adoption

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 04 December 2017

Until now, much of our knowledge about Service Integration and Management (SIAM) has been largely theoretical, with few practical use cases to analyse. Our latest case study on Italy’s largest Asset Management firm demonstrates the benefits your...

The power of SIAM: how can multi-sourcing revolutionize your service delivery?

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 03 December 2017

Strong metrics and customer-driven IT service is one of the key differentiators in an effective ITSM solution. The rise of Service Integration and Management (SIAM) offers your organization a way to revolutionize the way you deliver services to...

Categories: Podcast, SIAM, ESM, ITAM

Incorporating SIAM to improve your Supply Chain Management

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 01 December 2017

How can your organization revolutionize the way it delivers a service to your customers? Reactionary processes are yesterday’s news. Today, it is all about streamlining the supply chain and building IT for IT through Service Integration and...

What is SIAM and what can it do for your IT organization?

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 30 November 2017

Increasing service expectations, automation, budget, business alignment and efficiency: how can your IT organization consolidate these leading ITSM trends into a single end-to-end service management service this year?


More importantly, the...

Categories: Whitepapers, SIAM, ESM, ITAM

7 in ’17: the key ITSM goals and challenges this year

Author: Stephen Brunsdon
Published: 28 November 2017

ITSM trends for 2017 are seemingly endless: CMDB, Software Asset Management (SAM), Service Catalog, automation, knowledge management, customer satisfaction, metrics and SIAM are all on the rise. But which of the “7 in ‘17” should your...

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