The 5 Big Strategic ITSM Challenges for 2015

by Dr Nigel Martin, on 09-Oct-2017 16:11:00

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How technology, business and consumer mega-trends are impacting service management in 2015

Digitalization is creating major changes in the world of business today. Business models are changing. IT customer expectations are increasing. The pace of technology is getting faster, which is in turn driving rapid change in business. As the economy springs back from the global recession, IT needs to be focused and agile – knowing what to do, and how to do it quickly. That means reconnecting with the business to understand core objectives, and streamlining day-to-day operations to free up resources for new projects. The cloud technology market means business leader won’t wait months to kick-off new initiatives. Turnaround times need to be tighter to satisfy the impatience of the business.

 The “old ways of IT” aren’t working any more. The time has come for some fundamental changes in the way IT works. It’s time for the techies to step out of the datacenter and really engage with the business. It’s time for IT to cut away the dead wood; to pro-actively outsource commoditized technology to the cloud and focus on what makes the company different and profitable. It’s time for IT to do some soul-searching and think critically about what it does. How much time and money is being spent on things that no longer matter to the business? What are the real priorities? What does the business need next?
 In the face of a whole market of readily accessible technology alternatives, central IT is at risk of becoming irrelevant to the business. There is no more monopoly. The business holds the power now. IT needs to become more customer-oriented and take on a mantra that is commonly used in marketing “find out what people want...and give it to them”. Otherwise IT budget will continue to leak out into the cloud. IT leaders need to get more involved at the strategic level, making suggestions for how technology can make what the business does more effective and efficient – and how new technology-driven solutions can be launched into the market.
 When it comes to IT service provision and support, IT needs to be more aware of sentiment in the business and the potential impact of poor IT customer satisfaction. When there is no trust in corporate IT, cloud technology will continue to steal budget from the corporate IT pot. IT needs to get good at the basics and nail down the day-to-day problem solving work to restore faith in what IT can do to improve productivity. Improving the end user experience of IT should be a priority in 2015.

New ITSM technology also brings opportunities that can put corporate IT back on the map. New technologies that enable omnichannel service management redefine the interface between IT and the business - in the image of customer expectations. Enterprise Service Management – the application of service management models, tools and practices to other non-IT service domains within the business – offers the chance to improve operational performance in every corner of the business. And the Internet of Things promises to make non-IT assets more manageable and cost-efficient.

 You can read more about the top 5 Strategic ITSM Challenges in 2015 in our latest briefing paper.

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