The power of SIAM: how can multi-sourcing revolutionize your service delivery?

by Stephen Brunsdon, on 03-Dec-2017 12:01:00

Strong metrics and customer-driven IT service is one of the key differentiators in an effective ITSM solution. The rise of Service Integration and Management (SIAM) offers your organization a way to revolutionize the way you deliver services to your end users. But how ready are you to embrace the practice of multi-sourcing and true end-to-end service?

Our latest series of Podcasts identifies what SIAM can do for your organization as well as the challenges you are likely to encounter.

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The constant variation in the ITSM industry has produced a paradigm shift in priorities within organizations, with the latest driving ESM to incorporate ITAM, and ITAM to incorporate SIAM.

The importance of aligning IT to the business needs should not be underestimated. SIAM brings these together by encouraging customer-driven and comprehensive reporting metrics such as Right First Time and Time to Resolve. This allows you to engage the end user in the service delivery processes, develop services with their needs in mind and improve relations going forward.

While many organizations may consider SIAM to be a fresh concept, the reality is that it has been around for as long as the industry has. Outsourcing as a practice has existed through various generations of ITSM and should not be something to fear.

Utilizing some of the key elements of ITIL® best practice, SIAM offers a greater level of visibility of processes and allows large organizations to engage with smaller suppliers where necessary, to provide the most efficient end user experience without being restricted by long-term contracts.

SIAM is by no means a silver bullet however, and significant organizational change management, re-structuring and collaboration, underpinned by clear business objectives will be required to generate the ultimate benefits.

Find out how a successful SIAM implementation in your organization can help transform your ITSM solution by downloading our whitepaper.

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