Trend 4: Cloud First

by Stephen Brunsdon, on 26-Mar-2018 07:00:00

 Trend 3 in our 5 part series looked at Utilizing AI to save money.

This post concentrates on putting Cloud operations first, making the most of SaaS to drive efficiencies and higher productivity through leveraged ITSM.

Organizations typically use a mix of suppliers and vendors, plus internal teams to deliver services through a variety of delivery methods and technologies in a “Cloud First” world. Unclear delineation of responsibilities and accountability across these groups is what complicates things.

In order to roll out Cloud computing effectively, your IT team must first focus on laying the necessary foundations before shifting towards more mature Cloud operations. To do this you need to adopt new processes and a new mindset.

As IT becomes the broker of cloud services, ITSM has a crucial role in managing the suppliers as well as the customer experience.

IT Business Management practices such as Supplier Management, Contract Management, Financial Management and ITSM capabilities such as E-Bonding and Seamless Integrations all play an integral part in managing the supply chain of cloud services that are consumed by your customers.

Good ITSM practices can promote collaboration across the supplier landscape that makes up services. ITSM tools show coordination of teams and their respective tasks, along with their expected turnaround times. Dashboards allow you to easily track hand off points and understand where breakdowns occur in the supply chain.

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