Trust: the not-so-secret ingredient for developing better service management

by Patrice Burnside, on 29-Oct-2017 15:02:00

There are lots of things you can control about          Trust: the not-so-secret ingredient for developing better service management.jpg     
Enterprise Service Management (ESM): the definitions
of SLAs, the way youCMBD iconfigured, the types
of processes you choose to automate, etc.
But the one thing you can't control, of course, is how
your colleagues view service management. You can't
control this, but you can influence it, and you can
influence it in a positive direction.

 Trust: it's the not-so-secret ingredient you need for creating better service management.

 And in this, our final instalment of the human dimension of service management, you'll see why service management experts Stephen Mann and Rebecca Beach say that your ESM journey should include a mix of IT-push and enterprise-pull. Without this dymanic, you risk alienating the rest of the organization from the outset. Work with this mindset, and from there you can help build organizational trust in service management.

 We thank ITSM gurus Stephen and Rebecca for offering their insights throughtout this series, where we've explored the universal challenges of how to engage colleagues who may be new to service management, or who may feel threatened by it, or have other concerns about how it will impact their job and responsibilities, etc.

 If you've not already seen the first two instalments, you can still download the paper on how to effectively communicate the opportunity for better service management, or the very first paper on building relationships in the quest for better service management.
After all, better processes and technology are nothing without people and participation. 

 Learn how to build trust in service management


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