Warm up your 2016 ITSM strategy with research from Axios, Deloitte and others

by Patrice Burnside, on 03-Nov-2017 14:44:00

Process optimization: this is the top opportunity for improving service management in 2016, according to more than 100 service management experts who participated in our research.

 Do your goals resonate with the industry? Find out now, plus get leading insights from Deloitte, HDI and the Service Desk Institute. The paper also features Gartner research.

 We’ll also reveal some of 2015’s biggest regrets, in terms of service management priorities that never came to be, according to respondents.

 And we’ll explain why all these issues matter to the success of your ITSM program.

 Pique your interest with a snapshot of next year’s big opportunities: 

Warm up your 2016 ITSM strategy with research from Axios, Deloitte and others.png

 As we identify the key areas in which we aspire to do better next year, it can only benefit the organizational journey to glimpse the improvements that others are prioritizing.

 With this additional insight, we can thoughtfully shape our own plans for optimizing service delivery and increasing customer satisfaction across the business. This awareness can also improve our ability to pursue and maintain competitive advantage.


 Add wisdom to your 2016 strategy now


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