We love to be champions, but more than that we love to help in enterprise service management

by Patrice Burnside, on 26-Oct-2017 15:18:00

Have you heard the good news? Axios Systems have been named a'champion' in enterprise service desk software.We love to be champions, but more than that we love to help in enterprise service management.jpg

 That impartial recognition comes from Info-Tech Research 

Group, a full-service IT analyst firm in North America. The Info-Tech report offers insight into functionality, integration and configuration.

 In such a competitive enterprise market, we are pleased to be recognized for our focus on innovation and support.

 To become a champion, we've dedicated ourselves to cultivating a strong market presence as industry trendsetters.

 The report says: 

Axios provides an innovative way to increase organizational knowledge through both a federated knowledgebase and crowd sourcing for end users.

 It goes on to say that the assyst solution, powered by Axios:

 Should be on the shortlist for any large multi-site organizations that are focused on process improvement and creating an enterprise services model.

 So, how can we help you? Check out the 2015 Enterprise Service Desk Software Vendor Landscape Report, featuring Axios, to discover the benefits of joining forces with us to promote enterprise service management.

 Get a free copy of the Info-Tech vendor landscape report




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