Whitepaper: The 5 ITSM solution upgrade headaches…and how to avoid them

by Martin Stewart, on 25-Sep-2017 16:54:00

Whitepaper: The 5 ITSM solution upgrade headaches…and how to avoid them.jpg

Enterprise applications of all types should deliver strategic value to the business, not drain resources through heavy application management overheads. Upgrades are necessary to get access to the latest technology you need to support the business, but often the complexity of the upgrade project makes it impractical or even impossible to take the step up. There are a number of reasons why organizations can get “stuck” on a specific version. Busy IT departments are often too busy to tackle complex and arduous application projects. So where do the problems stem from?
The tools you select (and how you use them) have a huge impact on how easy or difficult it will be to upgrade to the latest functionality. Complexity, customization and integration all have a knock-on effect on how complex it is to upgrade an ITSM solution. By having an awareness of the issues that cause upgrade headaches you can avoid lengthy ITSM upgrade projects, spend less time managing your ITSM solution and more time delivering value to the business.
In this whitepaper you’ll find out:
  • The 5 common issues that make upgrade projects painful
  • The impact of a complex and lengthy upgrade process
  • Strategies for avoiding upgrade headaches
  • Why you should consider a solution that is upgradeable by design


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