Your guide to better IT reporting

by Jonathan Boyd, on 06-Nov-2017 14:39:00

Many of us in the IT industry face an age-old issue with producing reporting that actually promotes and enables success from a tidal wave of data: it’s all relevant, yes, but useless without being able to gain insight and interpret its meaning against the near-perfect state of performance sought by the business.

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 ITIL® offers us many of the obvious means of sorting data, but it falls short of providing insight into its meaning. The solution? Always aim your reporting in the same direction as the business vision.

 The desired near-perfect state is what IT must be equipped to support. You must demonstrate that you know where that vision is, where you are now, and that you have identified a clear path of arrival. We need to be able to show progress towards it and what effect you have on it. 

 Here’s why it matters: If the content of your reporting doesn’t align with wider business objectives, you could be driving IT and the rest of the business even further apart.

 A misaligned approach not only puts your IT budget at risk, but lessens the willingness of stakeholders to consider the organizational value of achieving higher IT Service Management (ITSM) maturity, pursuing service management beyond IT, etc. (all of which, when implemented, can help you achieve a greater ROI from your service management program).

 The bottom line? It’s time to revisit the way you approach reporting. Download your guide to better IT reporting today.



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