Enterprise Service Management

Building a service-oriented enterprise

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Innovators have moved from delivering service within functional silos to managing service across every aspect of their organization.

The rise of Enterprise Service Management (ESM) has redefined the future role of IT, placing it at the heart of business transformation. Research has highlighted the extent of IT’s challenge:

  • 93% of large businesses are planning a major transformation project (Forbes Insights)
  • 30% of stakeholders view the CIO as the leader responsible for business transformation, higher than any other executive including the CEO (CIO Magazine)
  • 83% of CIOs #1 priority is to enable new business requirements outside of IT (Deloitte)

Our latest whitepaper and new series of datasheets explore:

  • The rise of Enterprise Service Management - what is it and what are its benefits?
  • The opportunities for IT and its role as the agent for change
  • Making it work: the tactical steps to adopt ESM in your organization
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