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Futureproof Your ITSM

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In this guide you'll discover: 

  • What does digital transformation look like? And what part does ITSM play?
  • Why awareness is critical to Lean IT
  • Why data and automation are the keys to accelerated innovation
  • How ITSM technologies like AI enable awareness and acceleration

Slow IT cannot power a fast organization

Are you ready for what happens next? Does your IT department have the capabilities it needs to deliver (and ultimately lead) your organizations digital agenda? Future readiness relies on two key attributes: awareness and acceleration. Awareness is about using data and analytics to see the future—so you can get ahead of it. Acceleration is about creating that future faster—before the competition so that it is your organization reaps the rewards.

To achieve continuous, rapid service innovation, IT must break free from the burdens of the past—where 70-80% of time and budget are spent keeping the lights on. It is only through an “automate everything” approach that IT can transcend the mundane and elevate itself as an innovation powerhouse—helping solve the hard business problems through the application of technology. This is the path to building a future enterprise—one that is ready for anything.

In this report, we connect digital transformation with specific IT capabilities and the ITSM practices and technologies which enable them. If you want to create the future instead of just wait for the future, this report is for you.

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