5 Minute Briefing

Gamification in Service Management

Gamification in ITSM

Gamification isn’t new. Sales managers have been using competition as a motivation tool for decades. What is new is the application of competition and other game mechanics to other areas of the business – IT included.

But people in IT are still wondering where to start. How do you join the dots between game mechanics and real-life improvements in productivity, service quality and IT customer satisfaction?

In this briefing, we look at the what, why and how of gamified IT service management, setting out the tools, where to apply them, and how to plan out a successful gamification program.

In this briefing you’ll read about:

  • The benefits gamification can bring to IT
  • What gamification looks like: game mechanics
  • Why gamification works: game dynamics
  • 7 steps to success
  • An example use case
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