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Management Playbook for Modernizing ITSM to Support Home Working

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Read this whitepaper to: 

  • Understand the common IT service desk challenges around self-service, knowledge management, automation and AI
  • See how best to succeed with each of these high-value ITSM capabilities
  • Find out how AI can help improve IT support operations and the key perspectives your AI strategy should cover

Digital solutions are the key to supporting productive home working

In this whitepaper, we look at the three critical capabilities that service desks need to put in place to manage demand quickly and efficiently and ensure employees get what they need to stay productive. Self-service access to services and support is the most effective model for handling thousands of service requests and support cases. Smart behind-the-scenes automations enable both instant delivery of services and real-time detect-and-correct infrastructure resilience. And effective knowledge management is critical to empowering service desk agents and employees to solve issues quickly and efficiently so that high productivity is maintained throughout.

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