The SIAM Podcast Series

Effective service delivery driven by end users

SIAM Podcast Series

In a changing ITSM environment, the importance of delivering services that meet end user needs has never been stronger.

SIAM offers a comprehensive framework to provide the best service possible thanks to its enhanced accountability and focus on detailed reporting metrics.

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Listed by analysts as one of the major ITSM trends this year, SIAM is a term many will hear, but not necessarily know what it means.

What does SIAM do and how is it structured? Our latest series of bite-sized podcasts lays out the benefits Service Integration can bring to your organization.

This podcast series looks at:

  • What SIAM is and the benefits of adopting for your organization
  • Defining the 4 models of SIAM and ‘true service integration’
  • Key challenges you will face and the Service Design Principles
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