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How to Quantify the ROI of Omnichannel ITSM

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What You'll Discover: 

  • What are multichannel and omnichannel? 
  • What’s the difference…and how is omnichannel better? 
  • How to quantify ROI and justify your omnichannel initiative 
  • The scale of ROI you can expect from self-service, live chat, and chatbots 

Service desk customers expect a choice of channels and a seamless cross-channel experience. Omnichannel support boosts customer satisfaction and saves the service desk millions every year. 

By adding new digital channels and intelligent chatbot agents to the way your service desk interacts with customers, your organization can scale-up capacity, put out the fires and regain control over demand. 

Diverting demand to digital channels slashes the cost-per-call (versus labor-intensive one-to-one support), releasing annual six-figure savings for large organizations.

Digital channels and smart automation take pressure off your service desk agents and IT support teams, making time and budget to tackle important projects: like solving infrastructure issues, improving the customer experience, and launching new innovations. 

It’s a triple-win opportunity: Make your customers happy, save money, and make time for IT transformation projects that make a real difference to your organization. 

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